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Data Center 2

Key points:

  • 4500m2 data center rooms,
  • Architecture choice according to the criticality of your infrastructures: N + 1 or 2N
  • Services: Private cold corridors, roommate

Operated since 1989 by NMPP (NMPP), ISDNet, Cable & Wireless, Telecom Italia and Tiscali Business Enterprises, the Iliad data center DC2 is today one of the reference data centers for many Internet professionals, with more than 500 customers hosted on 1600 production bays. Completely renovated without cessation of operations in 4 successive phases, we offer this on a resilient data center infrastructure and ultra modern.

Geographical location

Located in Vitry sur Seine at 29 rue Edith Cavell, 5 Kms from Paris, in a low risk environment, Iliad data center has an exceptional location opposite the vast majority of existing data centers and in the heart of the main electrical production area of ​​Paris.

It is accessible by а car via the Seine quays from the Porte de Bercy on public transport (RER C and D) and 10 minutes from Orly airport.

Available services

DC2 offers 4500m2 of modular data center rooms, capable of providing a redundant power supply to the standards N + 1, 2N and 2N + 1, backed by diesel generators and redundant UPSs, with no tolerance of interruption.

The entire place is equipped with berries urbanized confined cold aisle cooling system offering capacities up to 16 kW per bay and with optimal quality of service.

Iliad has invested heavily in the physical security of our data centers, offering a level of security consistent with the most severe, a prerequisite standards to host the most critical infrastructure of their and our customers. The procedures optimize security without complicating the practical aspects of managing your infrastructure. The data center fully monitored video is guarded 24/7, clients access is controlled, through single-person SAS, authenticated by proximity card and biometric recognition.


The data center has a neutral position with respect to operators, we allow telecom operators to access and benefit from our infrastructure through a dedicated room operator, three adductions optical fiber and a meet-me-room interconnected to all Iliad other datacenters. DC2 welcomes core networks of twenty international operators, and so has a wide range of telecommunications operators.

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