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The data centers we use have an infrastructure designed without compromise and equipped with advanced supervision systems.

Power supply

The reliability of the data center is based primarily on the continuity and reliability of the power supply.

The infrastructure hasĀ also been developed with a high level of resilience to minimize the risk of failures, with an availability objective of close to 100%.

The power distribution in those data centers is systematically doubled: the center has at least two separate high-voltage stations, each equipped with two priority redundant cables from various sources.

In case of failure, we have an autonomous power generation composed of inverters offering a battery life of 10 minutes and redundant diesel generators providing autonomy at full load 36 to 50 hours.


Our partners implement the centralized chilled water cooling and redundant systems, coupled to powerful control systems to maintain a constant temperature in customer spaces. The data centers meet the specifications ECS 1.0 (DC2) and ECS 2.0 (DC3) and the level of standard service ASHRAE TC 9.9 for temperature and humidity in our rooms.


Because our customers host their most critical infrastructure within our data centers, we have implemented strict security procedures and meet the R82 and R81 APSAD standards.
The buildings are always located on private, fenced and video monitored and secured by specialized agents 24/7.

Access to server rooms is provided by one-man armored locks, biometric control and equipped with individual badge without contact.

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