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The Iliad data center DC2 is a neutral data center, located in the heart of the main area of ​​production of electricity in the Ile de France, built specifically for use in the data center. Completely modernized 4 phases of work, it now offers an ultra modern resilient infrastructure, offering both capabilities meet the standards N + 1, 2N and 2N + 1

Technical highlights

- 4500 m2 of server spacing, density of 1.6 kW / m2,
- Urbanization industrialized at conception, in confined cold corridors,
- 2 separate high voltage stations each equipped with 2 double current supply 8 MW bypass (4 arrivals in all)
- 19 inverters with 8.8 MVA capacity of 5 separate electrical channels
- Data Center with two distinct levels of redundancy: N + 1 or 2N
- 6 generators N + 1 training with a minimum autonomy of 50 hours at full load
- Refrigeration production totaling 5 MW chilled water distribution loop,
- 65 cabinets air conditioning chilled water to 95kW,
- Specialized Security Team and customer support team provides on-site 24/7,
- Video-surveillance, access control badge and biometric fingerprint,
- Advanced detection system VESDA LASER fire and fire suppression water mist,
- Access to all operators through our meet-me-room interconnected with all of the datacenters
- Network Coeur twenty telecom operators.

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