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Secure and

Reliable Cloud

Bring up Enterprise Class Virtual Environment
to Small & Medium business market

Providing SMB customers with optimized for performance and usability open source virtualization solution, that initially was utilized widely from enterprises... (local government entities, oil tankers management companies, engineering firms...)

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Scalable On Demand

with No Downtime

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Virtual Private Serves

We implemented two virtualization technologies - Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and container virtualization

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Managed Service

supported by professionals
24/7 to ensure that your servers are running optimal at any time and being updated with the most current software.

From Servers to

Cloud We can provide you wide range of IT solutions based on KVM and Container virtualization, virtual desktops, storage solutions, virtualized networks, and High Availability Clustering.


Recovery for Added Protection Depend on your needs we can offer you set of solutions to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

High-speed hosting solutions

Our virtual private servers are built on a cloud technology from the ground.

No one likes slow websites. This common issue harms your visitor experience and search engine position as well. You don't need that. is here to provide you with fast VPS hosting solutions and professional tech support. Our ultra-reliable and high-performance hosting will help you succeed online. Do will feel comfortable with us. With our power-packed VPS hosting plans, you get security, speed, control and flexibility.

Our virtual private servers deliver high-performance at a cost-effective price. The main goal is continuing to provide a fast, stable, secure and reliable connection to the Internet for all of our clients as well as advanced technical support and uniques services. By focusing on load balancing and uptime stability, we deliver great performance to all of our websites that we host. You don't have to worry about the software, because all VPSs comes with the latest versions available - another thing that makes a good choice.

Simply select one of our VPS plans and enjoy the option to dynamically increase server resources over time as you need it. If you can not find your plan, please reach us at any time to advice you what will suit you best, as we also offer custom made hosting solutions to our clients.

Need a different hosting solution?

  • From Servers to Cloud
    Whether you need a single machine or a complex load-balanced cluster, our fast and flexible cloud lets you create the VPS and cloud storage you need quickly and securely.
  • Disaster Recovery for Added Protection
    Lack of testing, proper planning and resources puts you and your business at high risk. That way you can lose crucial information and incurring revenue loss. We are familiar with that and that's why disaster recovery planning is included.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security Suite provides full integration of managed Enterprise Security Suite, that creates a solid security foundation across your network. This will protect your Internet gateway,  mail servers, file servers and endpoints at the same time.

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