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VPS Hosting Plan For Every Need

Enjoy our unbeatable uptime, user-friendly server environment, highly secure infrastructure and instant scaling. Dedicores ready helps you grow your business. New standards for performance and speed.

Every VPS plan comes with 1 IP address, which is typically reserved for dedicated purposes such as an SSL installation. If you need more IP addresses, you can reach us and let us know, we will provide you with the opportunity to have as many as you want. The price of every single one is €3. That way you can have your websites on separate IPs.
With all of DediCores VPS plans you have the ability to host as many domains as you wish in your account. This means you have the luxury of managing all of your websites from the one place and all on the same virtual server! There is no limits here.
DediCores's cPanel managed VPS are all custom built, secured and optimized out of the box. All VPSs are Linux based, bundled with the cPanel control panel, and housed at our Central EU datacenter which includes premium bandwidth such as Internap, Level 3 and DDoS protection. We support all of our clients 24/7 absolutely free only on a cPanel level. If you need some additional server administration, please contact us or see our fees below.
Get your business website online in record time using our one-click installers. You can find them in every plan coming with the cPanel. You can also manage your VPS just like that, no advance technical skills are required. We make it easy!
DediCores VPSs are excellent choice for websites using Opencart, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, vBulletin or Magento that demand more than a shared environment can empower. We have 4 VPS packages to satisfy every need and budget. Also, we can build a custom solution for you, just let us know.

Included and Additional options

Installation Fee


cPanel administration management


Additional administration management

€50 / month (4 hours)

24/7/356 Monitoring


Additional Failover IP address

€3 / IP

cPanel/WHM - VPS Optimized


Additional 512MB RAM

€3 / month

Operation system

CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, OpenSUSE

Additional 10 GB SAS 15k storage

€6 / month

Additional 20 GB SAS 15k storage

€10 / month

Additional 30 GB SAS 15k storage

€16 / month

Additional 50 GB SAS 15k storage

€20 / month

Additional 100 GB SAS 15k storage

€40 / month

Virtual Private Servers from DediCores give you the security, flexibility and performance you need to run your website the way you deserve. Whether you are a software developer, web designer, blogger or just a webmaster running his Internet business, we will provide you with the best VPS hosting solutions, specially made for your needs.

Ready to get onboard?

  • Create your own VPS

    You need more and more resources for your VPS on the fly? Thanks to our scalable system, now you have the ability to enhance your place the way you want without any migration of files or databases movements. It is all up to you. Our team is ready to help you any time.

  • Unique VPS technologies

    By combinating the newest Dell PE and HP generation servers, Intel Xeon processors and Intel Matrix RAID-10, high quality SAS discs and KVM virtualization, we have built one the most innovative and reliable services amount the industry of virtual private servers.

  • Secure Cloud Hosting, Powered by Virtualization

    Secure, reliable and virtualized servers delivering the performance and power of a dedicated servers with the scalability and flexibility that cloud hosting provides. With our secure cloud VPS hosting, you can have the resources are available at all times to handle spikes in web application traffic. Your online presence is in safe hands with us!

Helping you day and night

cPanel managed VPS hosting services with incredible support

Our tech stuff is always online

We are proud with out technical and billing support, who have average respond time under 10 minutes. Our team is inhouse, so you will not find any outsourcing here. They are always online 24/7/365 in order to assist you at any time, no matter what questions you have. Our goal is to make people feel comfortable with us and our services.

cPanel managed hosting

We provide our clients with high quality cPanel managed VPS hosting and if you need some additional administration, you can reach us and let us know. We will offer you the best prices for that. You will noticed that our hosting services are specially designed to give you maximum performance at affordable prices.

We give you speed, flexibility and scalability

Security, speed and scalability were the main points we were focused on while building our VPS hosting packages. Your job is running your business, that's why DediCores's packages are fully secured and optimized in order to give you the peace and quite you need. We offer free consultation & backups as well as one of the best uptimes in the industry.

VPS hosting is now widely selected by enterprises worldwide over traditional dedicated solutions or shared hosting packages.

We DO NOT do the cheap ride here. We are specializing in building secure and reliable VPSs and use only the best components available, to ensure maximum stability, speed and performance.

With our 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, you can give us a try and decide for yourself. We hope to see you join the growing DediCores family today!

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