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Protection and Security

We all work with sensitive information when it comes to growing and running a business. That's why Dedicores provides to its clients implementation of intelligent and flexible security measures on a high level. As a webmasters and website owners we understand that solid and reliable defenses should be the main goal of every VPS hosting provider.

We at Dedicores provide not only optimal performance and security, but also give the business owners high levels of flexibility that enable them to make informed decisions. All this is achieved through constant monitoring, patching and continuous evolving of innovations. We are always open to help and support. All this is achieved through constant monitoring, patching and continuous evolving of innovations.

Our VPS hosting plans provide the following features:

  • High levels of protection avoiding any issues regarding the productivity and performance of your website.
  • The plans are fully compatible and easy to integrate with CloudFlare protection against common attacks to prevent loss of money and other damages.
  • Innovative, reliable and effective software that blocks and eliminates any attempts to hinder the proper functioning of your website.


When it comes to performance, Dedicore's VPS plans have the following characteristics:

  • Fast and powerful servers, which are specially created and configured for every need, so a high traffic could be managed without any issues.
  • Еlimination of performance issues, such as problematic code in the website. You have the full ability to make changes and to customize the host in order to achieve the best possible performance.
  • We meet all industry standard technologies in the VPS web hosting, such as CloudLinux Virtualization, Apache, MySQL optimized clusters and additional cloud servers technology.

You do not need to worry if you don not understand what this means. When you choose Dedicores you don not have to do anything at all, because all these special features and technologies ensure your website has premium performance when it has very high traffic. This is possible because all characteristics of the optimal host and systems work to provide the best performance.

Advanced Solutions

When you have a business website, you need to create content that attracts people’s attention in order to drive traffic and make sales. It is simple as that. Any problem could harm your visibility and that's why Dedicores integrates the latest solutions in their VPS plans, because there is nothing more important than keeping your business running in a last and secure way.

In case numerous people visit the site and there is high traffic with traditional web hosting service provider, your website may be down for many reasons. This will make you look like a non-professional and it may even become impossible for people to see your content.

This won't be an issue if you choose us. We have the proper knowledge and skills to make give you the right solution for your website. We understand all of this and are able to offer you great VPS plans that meet the requirements of professional bloggers, webmasters and website owners with serious business intentions.

When you choose Dedicores for your website, you choose optimal performance, perfect security and increased flexibility, so that you don't have to worry about anything. This may cost a bit more than common shared web hosting plans, but it is all worth it.

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